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How to Get Vouchers in The Outlast Trials

A slow progress of buying upgrades but one that is satisfying nonetheless

Being an ordinary human will not get you through the trials. Murkoff is expecting something bigger and bolder from you. Something inhuman that inevitably you will become, being something completely outside of your control. It will be tough but Murkoff has left something for you. An opportunity to be better than you previously were. Yes you will not be human anymore, not like you used to be but so what? Who does not want the ability to run faster and for longer with the simply click of a button? Forget humility and compassion, I want to be able to stun and blind enemies to make my escape. For those wanting these upgrades in The Outlast Trials, this is Vincent’s guide on where to get Green Vouchers.

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Where to Get Green Vouchers in The Outlast Trials

The primary goal in The Outlast Trials is to earn enough Release Tokens so that you can escape the Murkoff Facility and return to your normal life. At least you hope that the life you return to can be normal after witnessing the most messed up content you could ever experience. But to get to the point of paying for freedom, you will need to become an expert within the trials, or in other words a sort of veteran. You do not want to end up like the other Reagents forever trapped in their own personal hell, damned to roam the artificially lit, four walls of madness until you become a vegetable of utter violence. But in becoming an expert of the Programs (Maps) and their Assignments, you will slowly learn the best way to get the highest rewards in the game.

From the higher grades received by completing objectives whilst also taking minimal damage, to beating the tougher challenges with more demanding tasks and smarter enemies to face that pack a punch with their weaponry. In order to obtain those lovely Green Vouchers, you will need to complete the trial to the absolute best of your ability. Whilst you are graded and receive XP regardless of failing or passing the trials, you will not get a Voucher unless you get high grades whilst also contributing to the Assignments (if you are working with a team). Therefore, you will get Vouchers as a reward to successfully beating trials across the multiple Programs on offer in The Outlast Trials.

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Vouchers can also be obtained through levelling up. This is your Therapy Level which increases throughout your time spent on the game so long as you are partaking in trials. As stated above, regardless of whether you pass or fail, you will obtain XP however its amount will vary depending on your passing/ failing grade.

How to Use Green Vouchers

Green Vouchers are used as one of the currency systems in The Outlast Trials. Whilst there is Cash available in the game, also obtained through trials, these are used to purchase outfits. For those wanting to upgrade through Rigs and Prescriptions, the Green Vouchers are needed. A single upgrade costs 1 Voucher, meaning that you will have to be strategic in what you want to purchase. Keep in mind that all upgrades cannot be refunded. If you are looking to get upgrades, whether that be your Rig and upgrading its potential and power in the trial, or to obtain as many Prescriptions as possible, you will need to stock up on your Vouchers gathered throughout the game and its trials rather than spending them all at once.

We recommend that you focus on your Rig at first as this is unlocked before your Prescriptions but of course the choice is yours. We have full guides on both Rigs and Prescriptions if you are wondering what you should upgrade first.

That was our guide on Vouchers in The Outlast Trials. For more Outlast guides, be sure to see all of our related GJ articles here if you are interested in reading more from us. Thank you for reading this guide.

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