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Best Rig to Use in The Outlast Trials – Equip Rig Guide

Find a way to fight back
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The Outlast Trials is here and it is panic-inducing. With every corner providing enough scares for yourself and your character, it is enough to alter your biology forever. Will you be the type of person that can complete tasks under intense pressure or will you buckle at the final hurdle? Can you friends support you or will they show their true colors? What type of person will you become? Although you cannot fight back in The Outlast Trials, there are methods you can use to survive a little longer and make the enemies’ task a whole lot harder for them. This is Vincent’s guide on the best Rig to use in The Outlast Trials.

What are Rigs in The Outlast Trials?

Rigs are upgradable augmentations you can install for your character. Behaving similarly to Prescriptions, these provide players with an upper-hand against the enemies in the Programs. Whilst you can never truly harm the enemies as they will always come back to attack you, there is an added chance or survival offered through the use of the Rigs you install. You can either use a Rig to help you fight against enemies or as an added ability to help you and your teammates work around the enemies.

Rigs are obtained through the Bingo Fuel Garage inside Murkoff Facility, this like the Pharmacy is available at all times. However, you need to get Therapy Level 2 to begin using Rigs. Therapy Levels are achieved by completing trials and their corresponding assignments. These will offer XP as a reward regardless of your grade at the end. However, the higher your grade, the higher XP you will obtain.

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There are a total of 4 Rigs available in The Outlast Trials as of May, 2023. These are:

  • Stun – electrocutes enemies temporarily, providing a stun effect.
  • Blind – similar to a smoke bomb, provides a cover where enemies cannot see you.
  • Heal – gas that heals yourself and teammates.
  • X-Ray – see through walls temporarily for enemy location.

All Rigs can be upgraded further to increase its effect. To use the Rig in a trial, you need to press ‘right-click’ on your Mouse. Rigs act as throwable items that can be placed in the spot you wish for its immediate use to be in effect. For this reason, you should be using Heals at a moment of peace and recuperation, whilst items such as Blind and Stun should be used in moments of panic, to give yourself a moment of freedom. Finally, the X-Ray is best used when completing assignments that require you to stand still temporarily to complete an action. These force you into an animation in which you will struggle to see around you unless you are placed in a position which lets you see the entrance and exit ways.

Best Rig to Use in Single-Player

If you are playing The Outlast Trials solo, the Rigs – Stun, Blind and X-Ray will be incredibly useful for you. If you find that you keep getting caught or do not like playing Outlast in a stealthier way that is normally expected of you, opting for the Stun will help you tremendously in fighting back against the enemies. This can give you enough time to move into cover, hide or simply get away from the enemy so that they will have to search for your position once again. As mentioned above, the X-Ray is best used before completing an assignment which locks you in an animation. You can use this to complete a task such as pushing an object, using fuel or electrocuting the snitch.

The Blind Rig is great for placing in a room which requires you to continuously perform an action, such as electrocuting the snitch. This will provide you with enough cover so that you can continue interacting with the action, getting ahead of the enemies. You can place this at the entrances so that the enemies will struggle to find you. However, for the best overall Rig, GJ recommends the use of the Stun. This is overall the best to use in the game due to the limited use of throwables such as Bottles and Bricks which you can miss your throw in a panic. Instead, opting for the Stun at a moment when the enemy would normally grab you will instead save you and allow you to hold onto your limited heals for longer.

Best Rig to Use in Multiplayer

For players who are with friends, we recommend the use of either the Heal or Stun. If you do not have friends there to help you from multiple enemies at once, the Stun will keep you alive for longer. This also means that you will not need to hold multiple inventory slots for throwables like Bottles and instead use the Stun to temporarily shock enemies that get too close. It can also save your friends if they are about to get jumpscared/attacked by an enemy. We believe that the X-Ray Rig is least important for those playing on Multiplayer and is better for those playing solo. For this reason, you should prioritize Heal as a Rig whilst also having a designated person who finds and hands out Medicine. Seeing as you can only die a total of 4 times, your health is the most important part to pay attention to in The Outlast Trials.

Although we recommend the Heal Rig, this should not be used for all members on a team as you will want more defensive items such as Stun and Blind that can halt the enemies movements for a period of time. You will want to have a team that has designated members of healers, runners (bait) and doers (completes tasks). This means that not everyone on the team should have the exact same Rig and upgrades. For that reason, the same as playing solo, the best overall Rig to use in The Outlast Trials is Stun.

That was our guide on the best Rig to use in The Outlast Trials. We hope this guide provided enough information and insight on what you will use in the game. For more Outlast Trials content, feel free to see all GJ related articles here. Thank you for reading this guide!

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