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How to Get A+ in The Outlast Trials

Be the Reborn they are all talking about
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You want to get out of Murkoff faster so that you get to see the beautiful blue sky again? Well then you will have to try harder within the trials as you are being observed with your results being recorded. All those years of torment and hard times at school has lead up to one thing only, getting an A+ in The Outlast Trials. Although you will have to attempt the trials time and time again in order to pay for your escape, at least knowing that you got that A+ will remain on your records forever. Give your friends something to be jealous over as they get brutally tasered and sprayed down with hallucinogenic gas time and time again. This is Vincent’s guide on how to get an A+ in The Outlast Trials.

How to Get the Highest Grade in The Trials

This guide is more of a general one and not specific to completing each Program (Police Station, Fun Park, Orphanage and Mansion). You are recorded and your results are shown to you regardless of whether or not you come out of the trial alive. As you have a total of 4 attempts within a single trial as demonstrated by your amount of deaths (Single-Player) or amount of revives (Multiplayer), it is important that you do not suffer a single down or death within a program. We actually recommend that when going for an A+ that you play with friends and set one person as the one to get the highest grade, who you or others will protect so that they can try and achieve it. Trying to get A+ as a solo is much harder than with a team.

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What to do in a Trial

You should aim for the highest grade when you have tested and completed the trials multiple times. You will need to upgrade both your Rig and Prescriptions for your run for A+ as these will provide you with a much needed advantage to staying alive and completing the Program as fast as possible. In every trial there are collectible items that you should aim to find to increase your XP and grade if you get out of the trial alive. Examples of these are the Propaganda Posters placed around the walls of the Police Station, there are 3 in total. Next, you will want to locate all of the Clues on the different Maps such as looking at the cameras inside the Police Stations to find the Card Suits.

Unlike what you may normally do when playing with friends, you should always aim to use stealth as if you were playing Outlast for the first time. Utilize throwable items such as Bricks and Bottles to distract the enemies so that you can manoeuvre around them. As the enemies are not particular bright in The Outlast Trials, which could likely change with a future update improving their AI, you should take not of their patrolling pattern so that you can always be ahead of them. The goal is to never alert them to your movements. If you find that the enemy is not leaving a particular spot that you need to go to for your objective, move on and return at a later point to reset his patrol.

Taking damage from any enemies will lower your chances of receiving the A+ in The Outlast Trials. For this reason, it is best to have Rigs such as Stun or Blind installed so that you can make an escape should you get spotted by any enemies. Whilst time is not as important as other factors in getting the highest grade possible in a trial, you also do not want to take too long such as 40+ minutes in a single trial. It is very important that you remember all of the key objectives and their general locations on the Map so that you can complete these without alerting any nearby enemies. If an enemy is where you need to go, you can either lure with throwable items or utilize the ping system where your character will take out loud.

Performance Objectives to Focus on

Be sure to hold onto healing items, at least an Antidote and Medicine (2 slots) so that if you get caught, you can quickly heal. There are particular performance objectives that you should be hitting that you will not be aware of when playing through the trial. We will list these below on what you should focus on in order to get that A+ you are looking for.

  • Completing the trial
  • Finding all collectable items – i.e. posters
  • Beating Psychosis without using an Antidote
  • Using Rigs successfully to impact the game. i.e. stunning or blinding enemies
  • Using Bricks/ Bottles to successfully distract an enemy
  • Cause Damage to enemies
  • Using Bricks/ Bottles to stun enemies (throwable)
  • Using Rigs to aid you in your trial. i.e. using the X-Ray to notice enemies through walls
  • Getting headshots on enemies (Bricks/ Bottles)
  • Receiving little to no damage in your trial – i.e. not being hit by enemies, traps or losing sanity

Keep in mind that some of these listed above such as using your Rig, throwables and healing items are deemed tolerable by the evaluation. This means that they are okay to do during your trial as a last resort but you should not frequently rely on them otherwhile you will get a lower grade. What we placed in bold is what you should focus on when attempting to get an A+ in your run. These are objectives that are there to show that you have both 100% completed the trial whilst also not taking damage or using anything in your surroundings/abilities that could help you beat the trail such as healing, using the Rig or throwables.

That was our guide on how to get an A+ in The Outlast Trials. We hope this guide was helpful for you. Thank you for reading. If you are looking for more Outlast content, we have related articles here at Gamer Journalist.

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