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Best Perks/ Prescriptions to Use in The Outlast Trials

What kind of player are you under stressful conditions?
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What type of player are you when the lights go out, when someone is running up behind you and when the screams of your friends get louder? The Outlast Trials is a true test of your resilience and bravery in that you will have to take repeated torment within Murkoff Facility, all for a promise of possible escape. But unlike other Outlast games, The Trials allows players to upgrade their skills and gain the upper hand against the horrors that await you inside the concrete, bloody walls. This is Vincent’s guide on the best Prescriptions to use in The Outlast Trials.

What are Prescriptions in The Outlast Trials

Prescriptions are one of the ways you can upgrade your character in The Outlast Trials. You will be able to purchase abilities through the Pharmacy. This can only be done by collecting Tokens through completing trials. You will get these by completing all assignments and making out of the Program alive. The Pharmacy is closed until you reach Therapy Level 3 which can be achieved by going into trials. Therapy Level is your natural progression system, recorded by the amount of XP you can earn through trials. Even if you fail a trial, you will receive XP for taking part like a little participation award. But if you beat the Program and get a high grade, you will receive higher XP, boosting your Therapy Level. Once the Pharmacy is unlocked, you will gain access to the Perk System.

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There are two Tiers within the Prescriptions Menu. You will need Tokens in order to purchase a Prescription. Once purchased you cannot get it refunded. For this reason, you should really think about your playstyle and what is deemed a greater priority for you over other Perks.

Best Prescriptions to Use


As upgrading using the exact same system as payment with Tokens, you will want to be strategic in what you put your focus on. As you cannot take any of these upgrades back, knowing the best Rigs and Prescriptions in The Outlast Trials will give you an advantage in a trial. Because you will not have an abundance of Tokens to spend on Rigs and Prescriptions, you may want to prioritize specific abilities over others. Are you the type who gets caught a lot by enemies? Or if you are playing with friends, do you find that your teammates are getting downed a lot? Different playstyles account for different abilities. If you are playing alone, you will want to put your Tokens into evasive manoeuvres such as Slide and Self Defense. These will allow you to escape the enemies’ grasp, letting you preserve your health for longer.

If you are playing alone, you may wish to hold onto your Tokens and use them for Tier 2 upgrades. This is because the majority of Tier 1 upgrades are team-related and are not relevant to a solo player. Therefore, we recommend that solo players purchase the Slide and Self Defense in Tier 1 and the Expanded Inventory, Speed Boost and Endurance. These will all allow you to last longer in a fight, where you will have clear options to evade, hide or fight using your Rig.


For those playing with a team, we do not recommend Regeneration as there is a lot of healing items readily available within the trials. Instead, you should focus on ways to help your teammates. These are Slide, Kick to Help and Life Saver. Unlike playing solo, you will likely be running around with your friends and panicking a lot. Because of this, you will need as many things to stop you and your friends from being knocked out of the fight. You will naturally play Outlast slower and more carefully if you are alone, but with friends you may find that you and others are getting knocked more than you would like. For this reason, the Kick to Help and Life Saver Prescriptions will be incredibly useful. As you can only die a total of 4 times in a single trial, being able to avoid getting downed or killed is a game-changer.

In regard to Tier 2 for team players, we actually recommend the Expanded Inventory, Heavy Training and Parkour Technique. Our reasoning for this is that speed may not totally be necessary when working as a team. That is if you are someone who is not the designated bait for the enemies to follow. If you do act as bait, you will want Speed Boost and Endurance but for those who complete assignments and are needed at crucial moments of performing longer animation tasks such as electrocuting the snitch, being able to hold more inventory, carry heavy items such as gas cans or escape from enemies using obstacles such as chairs and tables to jump around can save your life just as much as running faster than default would. These once again, should be used in combination with a Rig such as Stun or Blind.

That was our full guide on the best Prescriptions to use in The Outlast Trials. For more Outlast Trials content and guides, be sure to check out all of our related content here at Gamer Journalist. Thank you for reading this article.

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