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How to Catch the Huge Doodle Cat in Roblox Pet Simulator X

That's one wiggly cat.

I think any kid who’s watched a certain amount of cartoons has, at some point, wished a doodled animal would come to life and be their pet. You can’t tell me you’ve never drawn a cat on the sidewalk with chalk and wanted to pet it. Well, it’s not quite the same, but Pet Simulator X has something close. Here’s how to catch the Huge Doodle Cat in Roblox Pet Simulator X.

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How to Catch the Huge Doodle Cat in Roblox Pet Simulator X

The Huge Doodle Cat is a subspecies of both Cat Pets and Huge Pets in Pet Simulator X. The name pretty much tells you all you need to know: it’s huge, it’s a cat, and it has a charmingly squiggly doodle aesthetic.

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Like most Huge Pets, and especially those with unusual visual effects, the Huge Doodle Cat is a very rare acquisition, one that you’ll need to shell out a decent amount of time, effort, and cash to obtain.

Where is the Huge Doodle Cat?

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The Huge Doodle Cat can only be obtained by hatching a Tropical Doodle Egg. You gain access to the store containing Tropical Doodle Eggs by unlocking the Doodle Oasis area, the fifth area of Doodle World. Buying a regular Tropical Doodle Egg costs 85,000 Cartoon Coins, while buying a Golden Tropical Doodle Egg costs 765,000 Cartoon Coins.

If you’re lucky, when you hatch a Tropical Doodle Egg, a Huge Doodle Cat will be waiting within. However, in addition to the Huge Doodle Cat, there are seven other potential pets that can hatch. The Huge Doodle Cat has the lowest odds of appearing out of all of these pets, so more than likely, you’ll need to buy and hatch quite a few Tropical Doodle Eggs to get one. Hope you’ve been saving up your Cartoon Coins.

If you can manage to obtain a Huge Doodle Cat for yourself, put it on proud display, because knows, you’ve probably earned it.

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