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How to get doodle parrot in Roblox pet sim x

Getting a Doodle Parrot is a feat to be sure.
Pet Simulator X Mystery Merchant Location and Countdown
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As always, the devs behind Roblox’s Pet Simulator X are always adding new things to the game to keep players invested. One of the more recent ones is the adorable red Doodle Parrot that players can keep for their own. But it’s a pretty elusive creature to find in the wild. There are a couple of ways to get it though and we can explain how. So, let’s talk about how to get a Doodle Parrot in Roblox Pet Simulator X!

How to get doodle parrot in Roblox pet sim x

The brand new Doodle Parrot is a Secret pet that can really only be found in a couple of ways. The easiest but most expensive way would be by trying to get the lucky chance of purchasing it from the Mysterious Merchant.

This seller can be found at either the Trading Plaza or the Cave in Spawn World at both 12 am and 12 pm CT. Players have said that they were able to purchase the Doodle Parrot from the Mysterious Merchant for 337m. The Parrot comes in 3 different colors, standard, pink, gold, and rainbow.

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The other way to get it is extremely time-consuming and it’s rare to find one, but you certainly can. Head to Doodle World which is located in Limbo World and can be traveled to through The Void. This takes time, as you literally have to unlock each area, as well as many others before them.

Once there, you can purchase Tropical Doodle Eggs in hopes of hatching one naturally. It’s fair pointing out that Doodle Parrots can be worth it to some since they have a damage rate of 3.75g and are ranked above Mythic in rarity. You can even find huge ones too, which are a great way to catch people’s attention.

It certainly does seem like the best way to get a Doodle Parrot currently though is going to be by trying to purchase it from that Mysterious Merchant.

Well, now you know how to get your very own Doodle Parrot in Roblox Pet Simulator X! Feel free to check out some of our other great Pet Simulator X guides, such as “When Does the Black Lucky Block Spawn in Roblox Pet Simulator X”. And to be kept up to date with all of the latest on Roblox Pet Simulator X, be sure to like Gamer Journalist on Facebook to do so.

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