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How to get The Witcher Igni Sign Emote in Fortnite

Dance you way to a new emote!
Fortnite Witcher Igni Sign Emote Reward Screen
Image via Epic Games

If you’re one of the many players that’s excited to see Geralt of Rivia enter the bombastic action of Fortnite, then you aren’t alone! But to get to Geralt himself, you’re going to need to complete a myriad of quests in order to get him unlocked for the taking. On the way through, you’ll be able to obtain the iconic Witch Igni Sign as a useable emote! So if you’re interested in getting this emote and moving closer to Geralt, then we can explain how to get the Witcher Igni Sign emote in Fortnite!

How to get The Witcher Igni Sign Emote in Fortnite

A girl dancing in the Citadel throne room
Image via Epic Games

As mentioned before, completing the quest needed to unlock the Igni Sign emote is actually one of the requirements you’ll need in order to eventually get Geralt himself as well. The quest for the Igni Sign emote though is one of the easier ones that the questline asks of you.

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What you’ll need to do is simply drop into a game and head to The Citadel and dance in the throne room. To do this, you’ll want to head directly to The Citadel at the beginning of the match. ideally, you’d want to land there and make a b-line to the throne room. That’s easier said than done though as it’s a pretty hot drop, even without The Witcher quests being thrown into the mix, not even including The Ageless boss who roams the area.

Once you land, you’ll want to go directly to the throne room which is located on the lowest floor of The Citadel castle. You can also access it from outside, and drop into it from above. Just pop a quick emote when inside and you’ll instantly complete the quest! If you’re not very good with being quick on your feet in Fortnite, then it’s best to pick up a weapon to have at your side so that you don’t have to try more than once to get this quest done.

Well, now you know everything you have to in order to get your hands on that Igni Sign emote in Fortnite! if you found this guide helpful at all, then consider checking out some of our other Fortnite and the Witcher crossover guides, such as “How to Get Witcher’s Silver Sword in Fortnite”. Don’t forget to like Gamer Journalist on Facebook as well in order to get all of the latest content covering Fortnite!

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