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How to Get the Steflos Shotgun in Warframe

Unlock this new weapon in Warframe!
Image via Digital Extremes

Warframe allows you to choose from many different bio-metal suits known as Warframes to shield yourself from the many enemies you will encounter in the Orion System. As an experienced warrior with many different skills in combat, you must confront foes and battle a wide variety of opponents in this unique game. Choose to either play in single or multiplayer, and work either alone or in a team to take down threats as guided by Lotus. With a vast amount of different weapons, Warframes and abilities, there is a loadout for everyone.

Due to the fact that there are so many choices for your character, many players constantly debate the best weapons and Warframes in the game. Since some synergize well with others, this adds a whole other layer to the game developed by Digital Extremes. In this guide, we are going to discuss how to unlock the Steflos Shotgun in Warframe, a brand-new weapon that promises to energize its targets!

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How Do You Unlock the Steflos Shotgun?

Image via Digital Extremes

There are so many different choices for your loadout to choose from in the game that it can get a little overwhelming for novice gamers and players new to the world of Warframe. The Steflos Shotgun is a new weapon that will see its projectile duration increase whenever it manages to land a hit on an enemy. Plus, the gun’s energy projectiles grow as they travel the distance towards a target, increasing in size as they go.

Unfortunately, players will be unable to obtain the Steflos Shotgun by defeating any bosses or finishing missions. As with most weapons in Warframe, the Steflos Shotgun itself does not drop from completing these objectives. However, there is a slight chance that you can get blueprints for the weapon by defeating specific enemies.

Additionally, if you don’t want to try your luck by completing missions, feel free to purchase blueprints from the market or a clan dojo and then crafting the weapon in the foundry, using the resources you earn from quests to make the gun. Good luck, and enjoy this powerful new weapon!

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