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How to Farm Polymer Bundles in Warframe

It's the best kind of material.
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Polymers are any kind of material, natural or synthetic, composed of large molecules. Every kind of plastic, for example, is a synthetic polymer. Synthetic polymers are great for constructing all kinds of futuristic tech, including Warframes, apparently. Here’s how to farm Polymer Bundles in Warframe.

How to Farm Polymer Bundles in Warframe

Polymer Bundles are an uncommon-grade component in Warframe used in the creation of all kinds of nifty and helpful items. These items include things like primary and secondary weapons, consumable items, and even the parts that make up some exceptionally powerful Warframes. It’s something you want to have a lot of, but it only shows up in select spots in the game.

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Polymer Bundles are confirmed to drop on missions on the following planets:

  • Mercury (Apollodorus)
  • Venus (Romula, Malva)
  • Uranus (Ophelia, Assur)

On those planets, Polymer Bundles are known to drop during the following missions:

  • Annihilation
  • Cephalon Capture
  • Exterminate
  • Lunaro
  • Sabotage
  • Team Annihilation
  • Survival

Panning for Polymer

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Out of all of those locales and missions, the best places to farm for Polymer Bundles are the missions on Uranus, Ophelia and Assur. Both of these are Survival missions, a Dark Sector Survival mission in Assur’s case.

Ophelia is recommended for players between levels 24-29 and uses the Grineer Sealab tile set. You’ll want some strong weapons and a high-grade Warframe, at least rank 10, as the enemies here are pretty tough. If you can stomach it, though, it’s a fantastic spot for Polymer Bundle grinding, as they have a high drop rate from both containers and killed Grineers. This map also has a long hallway that’s great for setting up shop and gunning down foes.

Assur is a little tougher, as it’s recommended for players between level 25-35 on the Grineer Galleon tile set. Again, you want at least a rank 10 Warframe for this mission, and it’s definitely not one you want to tackle solo. If you can coordinate with your teammates, though, you’ll find Polymer Bundles absolutely everywhere thanks to the Dark Sector drop rate boost.

If you’re on the hunt for Polymer Bundles, Uranus is definitely the place to be. Who knows what kind of cool stuff you’ll be able to make with all that plastic?

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