In this guide, we’re going to take a look at how to get the Staff of Regrowth in Terraria Journey’s End. This item is a planting tool found in certain areas of the map that increases the number of herbs and seeds you can harvest. It can also be used to grow Moss.

How to get the Staff of Regrowth in Terraria Journey’s End

  • Jungle Crates (16.7% chance)
  • Ivy Chests (22.5% chance)

The Staff of Regrowth has can be found in Jungle Shrines which are located in the Underground Jungle area of the world. Jungle Shrines look exactly like they do in the image below. Each one contains a chest with a small chance to drop the Staff of Regrowth.

How to get the Staff of Regrowth in Terraria Journey's End

The Staff of Regrowth is a tool you can use for planting, and harvesting additional herbs and seeds. As an added bonus, the Staff of Regrowth can grow moss on stone blocks. The type of boss it grows depends on what other moss is near it. You can, for example, spread Fire Moss in Lava Caverns.

This is the best item in the game for efficient Farming in Terraria Journey’s End. You can auto-swing the staff to collect only blooming herbs, while leaving other plants in tact. This allows you to quickly run through and harvest without worrying about destroying your gardens.

The Staff grows grass on any Dirty Block, regardless of where it is on the map. You can also use this weapon to spread Hallow, Corrupted, and Crimson grass underground. If there’s no moss nearby to influence the growth, one of five different mosses will be randomly chosen.

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