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How to get the Ray Gun in Zombies Outbreak

Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 3 is upon us, and there are a few minor updates for Zombies Outbreak fans to check out. It’s nothing too major, but Ray Gun enthusiasts will like this one. It seems Treyarch is embracing the meme culture, as well. Here’s how to get the Ray Gun in Zombies Outbreak.

As per Treyarch’s official patch notes from April 23, 2021, they say a new enemy is now in the game, capable of dropping the Ray Gun.

Added a new enemy that can drop a Ray Gun when killed. Keep an eye out for the pink mohawk…

How to get the Ray Gun in Zombies Outbreak

To get the Ray Gun in Zombies Outbreak in Season 3, players will need to find an enemy zombie named Ronald Raygun. He’s a rare spawn zombie sporting a pink mohawk and some punk attire. We’re talking about a leather jacket, combat boots, studded belt, and spikey hair. When he finally pops up in you’re game, you honestly can’t miss him since he will drop one of the most sought-after weapons in the game on death: the Ray Gun.

So, how can you find Ronald Raygun in Zombies Outbreak? Well, I hate to break it to you, but it’s entirely random. There are no particular round or map requirements necessary to get him to spawn as far as we can tell. Your best bet is to play Outbreak like usual, but make sure to clear most of the maps and avoid speed runs where you’re skipping most of the content. There’s a good chance he’ll pop up for you sooner or later.

Aside from this new addition to Zombies Outbreak, players can also pick up an Ammo Mod and Aether Tool item in-game. Launchers also now lock onto Special and Elite enemies, which is a nice little change. Good luck blasting those zombies, soldier! And remember, keep an eye out for that pink mohawk.

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