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How to Get the Jump Ability in Time on Frog Island

One of the most fun abilities to get!
Carrying an Item in Time on Frog Island
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Time on Frog Island is a delightfully adorable game suitable for all ages! Time on Frog Island has finally been released and is currently available for $19.99 on Steam and $25.00 on Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation. This game features many complex puzzles, adventurous quests, and of course, frogs. Fans of Animal Crossing will fall head over heels for this game; if Animal Crossing were entirely about frogs and had a dash of extra adventure, it would be nearly identical to Time on Frog Island. In this game, you can earn numerous frog-like abilities to help you on your journeys, such as the Croak Ability, Tongue Ability, or the Jump Ability. The Jump Ability is one of the easiest and most useful abilities to get in the game. Keep reading to find out how to get the Jump Ability in Time on Frog Island!

How to Get the Jump Ability in Time on Frog Island

The Jump Ability is incredibly beneficial to players in Time on Frog Island, especially when you need to do some light parkour to achieve a goal. The Jump Ability is, thankfully, very easy and even fun to obtain! On the Eastern side of Frog Island, there’s a tavern where you can brew your own drinks. By collecting and combining different items from the island in the brewing machine, you can create different brews that leave you with beneficial side effects! To brew a drink with the Jump Ability attached, follow these simple steps:

  • Open Time on Frog Island on your PC or console.
  • Travel to the Eastern side of Frog Island and locate the Tavern. Once located, head inside and go to the brewing machine in the corner.
  • Load a mushroom and a fruit into the brewing machine.
    • You can throw in any fruit that you have on hand, as long as it’s a fruit combined with a mushroom you should get the correct drink.
  • Wait a day for it to be ready.
    • If you’re able to manually change the date and time on your console, you can always get around this time constraint by temporarily changing your console’s time to 24 hours ahead.
  • Once it’s ready, pull the handle on the side of the machine to pour your brew into a glass.
  • Congratulations! This drink should give you the Jump Ability in Time on Frog Island!

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This ability, like the other numerous abilities in this game, isn’t difficult to get, but everything is always easier with a guide. If you love this un-frog-ettable game and would love to play more games just like it, check out Gamer Journalists’s guides for Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley!

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