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How to get the Iron Golem in Minecraft Dungeons

How to get the Iron Golem and Golem Kit in Minecraft Dungeons

In Minecraft Dungeons, you can get a variety of different pets, or summons, to protect you in battle. One of the more popular ones is the Iron Golem. By finding the Golem Kit, you can summon a powerful Golem to fight by your character’s side. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the Iron Golem in Minecraft Dungeons.

First, you need to find something called a Golem Kit. After playing through the game and unlocking Apocalypse, you can obtain this item. Apocalypse difficulty is no joke, though, and will require your power level to be at around 40-50. 

How to get the Golem Kit

To get the Golem Kit, you need to play on the greatest difficulty in the game: Apocalypse. You can reach Apocalypse by defeating the Arch-Illager on regular Story Mode, and then Adventure Mode. After reaching Apocalypse, you can obtain the Golem Kit by playing in Pumpkin Pastures. It has a small chance to drop in this area randomly. 

Another way to obtain the Golem Kit is through the Wandering Trader located in Camp. This is an NPC you can unlock by defeating the tutorial area in Minecraft Dungeons. You can trade in some Emerald and try your luck at getting the Golem Kit. It is basically gambling, so the odds are not in your favor, but it is possible.

How to get the Iron Golem

After you find the Golem Kit, you can equip it to your character and use it to summon your Iron Golem. The Golem will hang out by your side as you go through dungeons and attack enemies for you whenever you enter combat. Your Iron Golem can die by falling off cliffs or taking too much damage. When this happens, you need to wait for the cooldown before summoning it again.

How to get the Iron Golem in Minecraft Dungeons

Now that you know how to get the Golem Kit and the Iron Golem, it’s time to grind some Minecraft Dungeons. Good luck out there! For other related content, check out our EnchantmentsArtifacts, and Weapons guides.

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