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How to Get the Camouflage Suit in Sons of the Forest

Camouflage is not too hard to find if you know where to look.
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Sons of the Forest is one of the most amazing survival games due to its multiple realistic details that just add up to the whole atmosphere. One such thing is the clothes you wear and how it affects you. Warmer and waterproof clothes are needed so you don’t get hypothermia and comfortable ones add to your rest when you sleep.

One item of clothing that has recently been talked about in great lengths is the camouflage suit. How do you get it and where can you find it? In this article, we answer that question.

Finding Camouflage Suit in Sons of the Forest

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The camouflage suit is located in a bay, on the northwestern part of the map. Once you arrive at the inlet, go to the beach and look for abandoned canoes. The red one will have a camouflage suit in it.

Can You Wear the Camouflage Suit?

After picking up the camouflage suit and checking your inventory you will notice that you can’t find it. That’s because unfortunately, you can’t wear it. It is a wearable item for Virginia, one of the in-game companions for Sons of the Forest and only she can wear it. You can give the camouflage suit to her by interacting with her and assigning the suit to her.

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What Should You Do if the Camouflage Suit is not there?

If you arrived at the location and there is no camouflage suit in the canoe it might be a bug. In case that happened, just go away from the canoe, put your tarp down, and have a rest. Save your progress and then reload from that save. Try going to the canoe now and see if the camouflage suit has spawned.

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