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Sons of the Forest – How to Hotkey Weapons

Always stay strapped.

Sons of the Forest will make you want to have eyes on the back of your head. With terrifying creatures scaling cavern walls and stalking the undergrowth, you’ll want to have your weapons handy in the case of emergencies. However, the inventory system prevents you from swapping to a weapon in an instant. Can you hotkey your weapons in Sons of the Forest?

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How to Hotkey Your Weapons in Sons of the Forest

One fateful day, Sons of the Forest fans were gifted with Hotfix #2 which added actual hotkeys for items and weapons. What once was a difficult and tedious inventory management system, selecting weapons has become a lot easier. Hotkeys were asked relentlessly by the community, and the developers responded. You can pinch yourself, this isn’t a dream.

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Hotkeys are a very simple and generous system. All a player must do is open their inventory (once again) and hover their cursor over a weapon of their choice. To assign the hotkey, press the number that you wish to represent that item. Select your favourite weapons and assign them all a number, from 0 to 9.

When you exit your inventory, you’ll be able to click that number, and that weapon will show up! Players can now respond in emergency situations by quickly grabbing the weapon for the job. It wouldn’t be recommended to hotkey all of your weapons, however. Leave some hotkeys for important healing and food items.

Having two melee weapons and one ranged weapon would be a sweet spot for most situations, but you can be the judge of that.

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