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How to Make a Rope in Sons of the Forest

I said rope so much that the word has lost all meaning.

If you want some extra survivability, some extra building strength, and, well, having your inventory ready for any emergency, then you may want to get some rope. I know, it isn’t as fancy as a shotgun, or a knife, but it is useful! Otherwise, try to climb a cliff with just a gun. You can’t. Want to know why? Because you don’t have a rope! Here is how to make a rope in Sons of the Forest.

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How to Make a Rope in Sons of the Forest

You obviously won’t see any ropes growing from trees, but since we are dealing with a wreckage and a crash site, rope will be available for you across the map. However, you will also be able to craft it. Some reports suggest that all you need to gather is 7 pieces of cloth in order to produce one single rope. You will find cloth all across the map, but you can find it in suitcases and also cannibal villages. Well, I’ll take the suitcases any day, and you will be able to find them near the crash site.

Having said that, there are two types of rope you will find naturally across the land: regular and zipline rope. The regular rope is represented by a coil symbol, while the zipline rope by a figure-eight symbol. There are some places you will be able to find rope, so stick around to find them. And don’t worry, you will find both types of ropes in the places mentioned below.

Where to Find Rope in Sons of the Forest

Since you will start at the crash site, look around for containers, you will be able to find rope inside them. You can also find some rope around some waterways and on the beach. Just look for any shipwreck or debris. Some folks also like rappelling or climbing some cliffs, so go ahead and scout the cliffs’ edges, and you will probably find some rope around there. Finally, exploring some caves, or even getting just to their entrances, will reward you with some rope as well. If you venture inside, you will find them around skulls.

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And there you go, finding rope in Sons of the Forest is not rocket science, or any science in particular really. You will be able to encounter it naturally by exploring, so don’t worry too much about it. Just follow the above places and you will be good to go. Have a good one!

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