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How to get Splendid Robe in Minecraft Dungeons

There are dozens of unique armors to get in Minecraft Dungeons. Depending on your build, you probably want to focus on finding specific ones that roll the right Enchantments. In this guide, we will show you how to get Splendid Robe in Minecraft Dungeons, one of the more sought after unique armors in the game.

How to get Splendid Robe in Minecraft Dungeons

Every unique item in Minecraft Dungeons is an upgraded version of a common base item. You can check which standard gear drops by opening your map and looking in the bottom right area under “Gear Drops.” The Splendid Robe is the upgraded version of the Battle Robe. You can find Battle Robes drop in Creepy Crypt and Redstone Mines locations. It can drop from any chest, mob, or boss in those two locations.

You can also find the Splendid Robe from the Blacksmith in camp, which is true for any unique item in the game. If you prefer gambling over farming, make sure you have many Emeralds on hand because the odds of finding it this way are low. Let’s take a look at the stats on the Splendid Robe. As an example, we’re going to use a level 107 Splendid Robe. Here is what it has to offer:

  • +5490 Health
  • +50% Artifact Damage
  • -25% Artifact Cooldown
  • +30% Melee Damage

It also has the following inscription: “The distinguished Splendid Robe is worn by the hardened Illager warriors who protect the Arch-Illager.” 

When it comes to the Enchantments, you probably want to look for one that rolls at least one Cool Down. Some people may require two or three Cool Downs to ensure 100% uptime on specific skills like Death Cap Mushroom, but that part is up to you. Check out our complete Minecraft Dungeons unique item list for a checklist for every piece of endgame equipment.

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