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How to Get Money in Roblox Da Hood

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Da Hood is a difficult Roblox game set on a rough, poorly funded neighbourhood. Due to the lack of funds, the populace is forced into a life of violence and crime, where money will buy safety. In Da Hood, ‘safety’ comes in the form of weaponry, after all who would want to mess with you with a gun in your hands? There are a few different ways to get money in Da Hood, but naturally you’ll have to fight for it.

How to get money in Da Hood

There are three main ways to get money in Da Hood, and if you focus for a bit you’ll accumulate some serious cash. Thankfully, you don’t lose money or weapons upon death, so your investments will be safe.

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One way of getting money is, naturally, through brute force. Dotted around the map are ATMs that are distinctly set up against the drab neighbourhood setting. If you punch one up a few times, a wad of cash is sure to come out. Similarly, in Da Bank, you can hit the registers a few times to receive some money. Just watch out, these areas might be highly contested.

You can also get a job. You will have to walk into buildings and find NPCs that will give you a task, such as clearing shoes in a store. Upon completion of a job, you’ll earn your payment. It may be worth doing a couple jobs in between beating the ATMs for free money.

Finally, every 10 minutes, you’ll receive $100 simply for playing. So whilst you’re out there grinding for money, you’ll be getting a little bonus every now and then. This also makes it easy for you to semi-AFK to earn cash.

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