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How to Stomp in Roblox Da Hood

Put them down.
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Da Hood is a Roblox experience where you can simulate life on the rough side of the streets. Fighting for your survival, you must partake in the violent and criminal methods of the impoverished and steal, get weapons, and protect what’s yours. When attacking someone, you will eventually get them down. You can’t attack them in this state, other than stomping on them. Here is how to stomp in Da Hood.

How to stomp in Roblox Da Hood

Da Hood is a violent game, so you’ll need to get familiar with every way to attack your enemies. I only know how to stomp on someone because that’s all that seems to happen whenever I join the game. Stomping is not only an effective way to finish someone off, but it also adds a layer of disrespect that is writhe in Da Hood.

When you reduce a player’s health to near depletion, they will fall to the floor, not dead, but ‘downed’. Downed enemies, after a while, will get back up again with a small portion of health restored. To kill an enemy, you’ll have to beat them whilst they’re down.

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To do that, you’ll have to stomp on them. You can only stomp when there is a downed enemy nearby, else nothing will happen. When you are on top of someone who is downed, you can press ‘E’ to stomp on them. Do that a few times, and they’ll die.

You could, alternatively, shoot a downed player, but bullets aren’t cheap and it’s definitely more fun to just stomp them out of existence.

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