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How to block and unblock someone in Roblox

Get rid of those trolls!
Image Via Roblox Corporation

Roblox is fundamentally a multiplayer game, which means you will be playing alongside many different characters. Some such may be trolls, intent on harassing you or annoying you. Such players can be blocked, which means you won’t receive harassment from them again. However, you may also need to unblock someone, for whatever reason you have. Here is how to block and unblock other people in Roblox.

How to block people in Roblox

In Roblox, you must go onto people’s Roblox profiles to add them as friends, message, block them, and more. If this user is your friend on Roblox, then you can go into the friends tab and find their profile. Click on them. You can also find user profiles through searching them in the search bar. Start typing their name and then click the option that ends with ‘in people’. A list of people will come up. Be sure to select the correct user.

In their profile, there will be the options to add/remove friend and message them. In three little square dots will be more options, including ‘Block user’. Click it to block them.

blocking in roblox
Image via Roblox Studios

WHen blocking a user, neither of you can directly contact the other. If they were in your friends list before, they will be removed as a friend. The option to message them won’t be available.

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How to unblock people in Roblox

If you change your mind, or blocked someone by accident, then you can unblock them. You cannot find blocked users on your friends tab any more, so you will have to search for them again. Once you have found them, you must hit the three square dots again. The option to block the user will be changed to ‘Unblock user’. Click that button to unblock them. You will need to add them back as a friend, however.

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