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How to Get Gleamite in New World

Earn tons of Winter Tokens by learning how to get gleamite in New World.
New World Gleamite

When night falls onto Aeternum, you should look to the sky. With the current Winter Convergence Festival, you might find a Gleamite meteor whiz by. Gleamite Showers are a new dynamic and random event in New World that only happens during the night cycle. These showers will leave behind the prized Gleamite Crystals. 

As part of the Winter Convergence Festival quests, the Winter Wanderer will eventually give you a quest called “Gleamite Crystals.” He will ping a location for you to find a Gleamite Shard to complete the quest quickly, but there are also other ways of getting gleamite. 

How to get Gleamite in New World

Gleamite is mined from a new resource node called a Gleamite Chunk. These crystals will be scattered around the map after a random Gleamite Shower. 

When a Gleamite shower occurs, a rift will open in the sky, and gleamite meteors will start pouring down. Head to the location of the shower and look for the minable Gleamite Chunks on the ground. Gleamite Chunks will look like large multicolored crystals sticking out of the earth. Showers can happen at multiple locations around the map, so the Gleamite can potentially pop up in any of the territories. 

Once you have mined some gleamite, head to the nearest Winter Village and find the Holiday Hut. You will need at least ten gleamite crystals to be able to exchange them for a Winter Token. Interact with the Holiday Hut, and choose “Winter Token – Gleamite” under the Winter Convergence Tokens -> Token Creation category.

Holiday Hut New World

Check out our Winter Token guide for more information on other ways to earn Winter Tokens. And if you’re having trouble finding a Winter Village near you to trade in your gleamite, make sure to check out our Winter Village location guide.

Remember, keep your eyes to the sky and happy gleamite hunting out there.

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