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How to Get Winter Tokens in New World

All the ways to get Winter Tokens during the New World Winter Convergence Festival
How to Get Winter Tokens in New World

The New World Winter Convergence Festival has come to Aeternum, and there are many exciting activities to participate in and rewards to collect. Obtaining any of the rewards will require an event-exclusive currency known as Winter Tokens, so you might be wondering about how to get some of these tokens. We will show you how to get Winter Tokens in New World in this guide.

How to Get Winter Tokens in New World

Here is how to get Winter Tokens in New World:

  1. Complete quests from the Winter Wanderer
  2. Finding and exchanging presents at Holiday Huts
  3. Exchanging Gleamite
  4. Looting Exquisite Gift Piles
  5. Bountiful Gift Sack
  6. Town Project Board

Quests from the Winter Wanderer

Speak with the Winter Wanderer in any of the four Winter Villages around Aeternum. You can complete these quests to earn some Winter Tokens, and you can turn in or accept quests at any of them. Just look for the giant yeti.

New World - Winter Wanderer

Exchanging Recovered Presents

The second way to earn Winter Tokens is by finding presents and exchanging them at the Holiday Hut located in any of the four Winter Villages. The exchange rate is three presents for one Winter Token. 

You can find these Recovered Presents randomly scattered throughout the map, both sitting on the ground and floating in the sky. You will need to shoot down the floating ones, and they seem to reward around 20+ presents per.


Another way to get Winter Tokens is by turning in some Gleamite, a new event-exclusive currency. The exchange rate is 10 Gleamite per one Winter Token. You can find Gleamite only at night, and you will want to look out for the meteors in the sky.

The meteors will explode into small pieces of Gleamite in a radius around the explosion. You can pick up some Gleamite with your hands and mine some with an axe. Remember to purchase some food from the holiday shop to increase the amount of Gleamite you can obtain!

Gift Piles

You can also get Winter Tokens by looting the Gift Piles next to the big holiday tree in any settlement. Looting each Exquisite Gift Pile will yield an Exquisitely Wrapped Presents (or a lower quality variation of it), which you can turn in for Winter Tokens. 

The better the present is wrapped, the more tokens you will get. As an added bonus, you can also get some lockboxes out of these gifts, as well as Diamond Gypsum for the first three trees you loot per day.

How to Get Winter Tokens in New World - Gift Piles

Bountiful Gift Sack

Like the Exquisite Gift Piles, you can also find a Bountiful Gift Sack next to the tree in any of the four Winter Villages. You can find the Bountiful Gift Sacks next to the Winter Wanderer at the Winter Villages, and you can loot them for wrapped gifts, which can be exchanged for Winter Tokens.

You can actually visit all four Winter Villages and loot the Bountiful Gift Sack in each village once per day. If you want to maximize your tokens, make sure to visit all four villages once per day!

Town Project Board

The final way to earn Winter Tokens is by completing Town Project Boards. As of the launch of the event, you will notice some winter-themed Town Project Board quests that you can complete. These tasks go toward upgrading the tree in the corresponding settlement, which will result in higher quality wrapped presents, and therefore, more Winter Tokens!

So, now that you know all six ways to get Winter Tokens, what can you use them for?

What can you use Winter Tokens for in New World?

Winter Tokens are used at the in-game Convergence Shop, which can be accessed by speaking to the Winter Wanderer in any Winter Village. You can spend the Winter Tokens on a variety of items in the Convergence Shop, and there are different tiers similar to the Faction Shop.

To unlock the better items, you will need to earn more Merrymaker reputation, which can be done through a variety of ways like completing Project Board quests, collecting Gleamite, and doing more or less any type of event-related activity.

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