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How to Get Gear 4 in Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds

Who knew rubber could be so strong?
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Fruit Battlegrounds is a Roblox fighter experience where players will be using fruits, inspired by One Piece, to fight other players. As players get stronger and spin better fruits, their power will grow, and they’ll obtain new abilities. If you want to get to Gear 4, however, for extreme power, then you’ll have to do some grinding and get super lucky. Here’s how to get Gear 4 in Fruit Battlegrounds.

Getting the TSRubber fruit in Fruit Battlegrounds

Fruit Battlegrounds has finally added the Time Stop Rubber fruit, and with it the Gear 4 ability. If you want to go Gear 4, then you’ll have to get lucky and spin TSRubber. It has a 0.03% chance of being pulled, so your odds are extremely low. There is nothing you can do but continuously spin, costing 50 gems each time, to try your luck. Fruit Battlegrounds has insane odds, but you can use free codes to give you loads of free gems to keep trying.

Once you have TSRubber, equip it and go out onto the battlefield.

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Getting Gear 4 in Fruit Battlegrounds

Gear 4 is an ability that allows you to take on another, more powerful form, giving you access to a whole new array of abilities otherwise inaccessible. Gear 4 can be unlocked by getting your TSRubber to level 105, which is a tall order indeed. The only way to level up your fruit is by beating other players with it, whether you win or lose.

Once you are TSRubber level 105, then the ability will be unlocked for you, and you can now inflate to an ungodly proportion, and unlock incredible abilities. Just activate the ability to watch your character grow.

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