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How to Level Up Quickly in Fruit Battlegrounds

Get ahead of the game.

Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds is all about unleashing the power of your fruits in devastating combat with other players. In this One Piece inspired Roblox game, players will be harnessing the power of their fruits to attack and destroy their opponents in PvP combat. If you want to level up your fruit to gain better abilities, you’ll have to do a lot of fighting. Here’s how to level up quickly in Fruit Battlegrounds.

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How to level up quickly in Fruit Battlegrounds

Practice makes perfect

If you’re low level and keep getting defeated by higher level opponents in Fruit Battlegrounds, you could use the practice dummies outside of each spawn / safe zone. Despite them not being real players, you could keep fighting them to gain XP. It is a lot safer and a lot easier to do this than going head-to-head with stronger players. As soon as a dummy gets destroyed, it will respawn very quickly, so you could keep practicing indefinitely.

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Time to battle

There will come a time where you simply must fight other players. If you’re worried that you’re not strong enough, then don’t go to win, but go simply to level up. You get experience in Fruit Battlegrounds not by winning fights, but by dealing damage. So even in fights where you keep losing, you are getting stronger, and eventually you’ll unlock a new ability to use against your enemies.

So, to level up quickly, simply keep spamming your fruit abilities to as many players as possible. You’ll quickly find yourself getting stronger!

If extra help is required…

In Fruit Battlegrounds, you can purchase a 2x XP booster. It does cost 499 Robux, which is a very expensive purchase, but it will half the grinding and practice you need. This means you will be leveling up your fruit super quickly, so you will soon realize if that particular fruit is working for you or not.

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