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How to get Soru in Fruit Battlegrounds

So, you wanna go fast?

Fruit Battlegrounds is a One Piece inspired Roblox experience where players get to battle out their anime fantasies. Using the power of the fruits, players can unlock and use an array of abilities in battle, as they fight other players and bosses alike. To improve your skills, you may want Soru as part of your abilities. Here’s how to get Soru in Fruit Battlegrounds.

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What you need to get Soru in Fruit Battlegrounds

Soru is a type of Rokushiki that replaces your dash if equipped in Fruit Battlegrounds. It increases your speed and jump height whilst keeping you invisible for a short time. If this sounds like the sort of ability for you, then you’ll want to follow this guide to grab it. There are some requirements before you can even begin, however.

You’ll want to make sure you’ve ticked off all of these requirements before you begin to get Soru:

  • You must be level 100.
  • You must have defeated 3 bosses.
  • You must have 10 titles.

Once all of these stats are met, you can begin.

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How to get Soru in Fruit Battlegrounds

To get Soru, you’ll need to go on a little adventure. You must first talk to an NPC that is found in a secret cave. Go to the Forest of Dressrosa, and make your way to Macro’s spawn. At the bottom of that mountain is a secret cave, but you must hit and break a wall first. Hitting the right wall will reveal the secret cave.

Inside, you’ll find an NPC. Talk to it, and you’ll be told to look for a book. The book in question will teach you Soru, but you must find it first. In the Village of Dressrosa is a statue of Doflamingo. Near this statue is a bridge. Look next to the bridge and you’ll find your book! Interact with it to read it and learn the skill. Make sure to equip it!

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