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How to Get Every Armor Trim material in Minecraft

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minecraft armor trim material
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Minecraft’s latest snapshots have implemented a huge feature for customisation fans everywhere – armor trims. People are already desperate to get their hands on the templates and materials to forge their new sets of armor. However, it isn’t exactly clear which materials can be used to trim armor. So that’s why we’ve made a list of all the materials that you can use to trim your armor in Minecraft.

Every armor trim material in Minecraft

Unlike the smithing templates, most of these materials aren’t super rare or hard to find. Most will be common items you have lying around your Minecraft base. There are ten materials in total, allowing for a huge range of customisation. In total, counting the armour sets, smithing templates and trim material, there is a total of just over 600 different combinations of full sets. Below we have a list of the materials and the color they will provide for your template.

  • Copper Ingot – Brown color
  • Iron Ingot – Grey color
  • Gold Ingot – Yellow color
  • Redstone Dust – Red color
  • Lapis Lazuli – Dark blue color
  • Diamond – Light blue color
  • Emerald – Green color
  • Nether Quartz – Ivory color
  • Amethyst Shard – Violet color
  • Netherite Ingot – Black color

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You’ll recognise many as the resources you can find in the caves below, such as iron, gold, diamonds, etc. To get emeralds, you’ll want to trade with villagers or mine in mountain biomes. Nether Quartz is unique to the Never, and so is Netherite. Amethyst Shards can be mined away in geodes when you stumble across one down under.

When you are ready, simply open up your Smithing Table. Put the desired template in the left slot and your armor piece of choice in the middle slot. Then, to perform the upgrade, select one of the materials to decide the colour of the trim. Then collect your new upgraded armor piece on the right!

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