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How to Build an Umbrella in Minecraft

Kickin' back in the shade.
umbrella in minecraft
Image via Mojang Studios

Minecraft isn’t all about intrepid exploring and adventuring. Sometimes, you may just want to kick back and relax. One of the best ways to do so is by reclining under your beach umbrella, observing the view. However, building these umbrellas is a little more difficult that it may seem, as carpets aren’t supposed to float in the air. Here is how to build an umbrella in Minecraft.

How to build an umbrella in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you have a lot of creative freedom. And that extends to building your umbrella. You’ll need a fence of any type and carpets of any colour. Imagine your perfect umbrella, and collect the required the materials. We would recommend birch fence for sunny aesthetic. There is a secret ingredient, however, when it comes to building these. String.

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Use your fences to build a pole up, as high as you want. Just make sure it’s at least four fences tall for that classic beach umbrella height. At this stage, you’ll need to bring out the string. You need string because they can support the carpets, as they can be placed without needing any support from other blocks. Place them in the pattern and arrangement that you want your carpets to be placed. String are also sued due to being near-invisible, unless of course you specifically look up at them!

string in umbrella in minecraft
Image via Mojang Studios

Now, place your carpets atop the string. Before your eyes, you’ll see the carpets apparently defying their logic as they sit upon air and form your umbrella. Make sure to use colourful and vibrant colours! All you need now is a chair and a refreshing, cold drink.

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