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How to get Endorsement Deals in NBA 2K21

How to get Endorsement Deals in NBA 2K21

Upon entering NBA 2k21’s MyCareer mode and going through the long journey of trying to make it in the NBA, you will be faced with a variety of tough decisions that can dramatically alter the course of your career. One of the major decisions you’ll need to make is endorsement deals. But first, how does one get endorsement deals in NBA 2k21?

How to get Endorsement Deals in NBA 2K21 

Endorsement opportunities will pop up throughout your NBA career as you progress through the MyCareer storyline. The idea is that the more MyCareer (or Park) games that you play, the more fans that your player will earn. 

Once a certain fan threshold level is reached, you will be able to negotiate a contract with a sponsor, and endorsement events will then pop up periodically. After attending a sponsored event, your agent will inform you that your check is available for the endorsement payments earned by attending that event. 

You will usually receive a message from your agent after about 3-7 games, but it is generally advised to check your phone once every 3-7 games to stay on top of your endorsement cheques. If you miss a check, you could be missing out on some easy cash (and VC). You can collect the endorsement money by going to the VC Sports Management building in the Neighborhood.  

How to increase Endorsement Frequency

There are a few ways you can go about increasing the likelihood of getting more endorsement events tossed your way. The fastest way of doing so is by focusing on maximizing the number of new fans that your player earns each time they play. That’s why it is essential to carefully consider which agent you choose to go with before starting your NBA career. 

For example: By choosing Harper Dell, you might see more benefits if you plan on spending most of your time playing NBA MyCareer games instead of Park games. But if you plan on using your player for playground games more than NBA games, then Archie Baldwin may be the better choice. 

The reason for this is that by signing with Harper Dell’s company, you will be able to unlock endorsement deals faster. Although this also means that Dell’s agency will be taking a bigger cut, which will result in less VC earned by you. So, even though Dell may get you endorsement deals quicker, you are likely to get more VC per event with Baldwin. 

Hence, it is essential to understand just how closely endorsement events are associated with the agent you choose and the decisions you make. 

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