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How to Get Bushes in Animal Crossing New Horizons

The Nature Day even is right around the corner for New Horizons players. A new plant has made its way into the game just in time to do some spring cleaning on your island. You can make some new designs using bushes, which may end up changing the layout of your island if you decide to use them. This guide will explain how to get bushes in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Animal Crossing New Horizons April 23 update is bringing two new island visitors into New Horizons. These new characters are Leif and Jolly Redd, and they both have their own shops. Leif’s Garden Shop is what we’ll be focusing on here because that’s where we can purchase bushes.

How to Get Bushes in Animal Crossing New Horizons

First, make sure your game is totally updated with the new April 23 update. After updating, you will have to wait until Leif comes to visit your island so you can shop in Leif’s Garden Shop. With Nature Day coming soon, you can probably expect him in a couple of days.

After Leif arrives, head over to Leif’s Garden Shop which will look like a small kiosk. He will arrive at your island on random days similar to other island visitors like Savannah. His shop will be located in the Main Square, so you’ll know where to find him.

You will be able to purchase a variety of different bushes from him, including White and Pink Azaleas, and Orange and Yellow Tea-Olives. There will likely be many more types of bushes added into the game, but these are the ones we know for sure so far.

After purchasing the bush starts, plant them in the ground like you would any other plant. Pull up your inventory and choose to plant the bush starts. It will then pop-up at the location you selected. You cannot walk through the bushes you plant, so make sure you think about where you want them. We’re not sure whether or not you can breed them yet, but it’s a good possibility.

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