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How to Get Beast Breathing in Project Slayers

Time to learn to breath!
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Roblox’s Project Slayers really is a fan-favorite game on the platform that doesn’t seem to have lost any popularity since its release. It’s got a great amount of exploration, RPG elements, and the combat is satisfyingly fluid overall. A great way to keep players’ attention.

One thing you’ll want to learn though in order to be a great fighter in Project Slayers though is specific Breathing styles. One of the best is the Beast Breathing; a style as ferocious and wild as the animals it mimics. So, if you’re trying to figure out how to get Beast Breathing in Project Slayers, we can help!

How to Get Beast Breathing in Project Slayers

Though there are some other great Breathing techniques to use in Project Slayers, Beast Breathing is best suited for those who are looking for combo extenders that are extremely difficult to predict or avoid. These are going to be more simple movements though will hit your enemies in wild and more unpredictable ways.

In order to get your hands on the Beast Breathing techniques, you’ll need to head to the Beast Trainer who’s located in the Beast Cave within Map 2, and complete all of the training quests for Beast Breathing and eventually defeat Inosuke in order to fully unlock all abilities.

Here are the training quests:

  • Better your sword grip: Perform pushups at Wop’s Training Grounds.
  • Beast Breathing target training: Hit enemy targets before they disappear.
  • Split boulder for Beast Breathing: Split a boulder with your sword.
  • Pull heavy boulder: Pull a boulder from one location over to another.
  • Defeat Inosuke: Beat Inosuke in a duel.

You’ll also need to be a minimum level of 75 and have a minimum of 10k Wen as well in order to make all of this happen, so be sure to get your character together before embarking on the Beast Breathing journey.

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All Beast Breathing Abilities and Bindings

  • Z – Pierce: Thrust forward with both blades.
  • X – Crazy Cutting: Flip forward and attack in a flurry of slashes in every direction.
  • C – Bending Slash: Dislocates arms to increase ranged attacks and directs a 360 strike.
  • V – Throwing Strike: Thors both blades at an enemy, and you run forward to retain them.
  • B – Devouring Slash: Jump forward as you spin, swinging both blades in an upward motion.
  • N – Devouring Rush: Rushes forward, stabbing enemy with both blades, flings them into the air and cuts enemy with an X shape using both blades.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get the Beast Breathing in Project Slayers! Be sure to check out some more of our other helpful guides on Project Slayers like Project Slayers Breathing/BDA Tier List.

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