Project Slayers Breathing/BDA Tier List
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Project Slayers Breathing/BDA Tier List

Below is our official rankings for each breathing style and blood demon art in the game
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Early on in Project Slayers, you will get to choose to either fight for mankind as a Slayer (or a human) or turn against them as a Demon. Regardless of which path you choose, each will have certain consequences and it’s own way of dealing damage. Specifically with the use of either Breathing Styles or Blood Demon Art (BDA).

Being that each Breathing Style and BDA is completely different, it’s important to know which are best for your respective character. To help you on your journey, we’ve created a tier list ranking all of the best Breathing Styles and Blood Demon Art (BDA) in Project Slayers.

Project Slayers Breathing/BDA Tier List

Breathing Styles are the primary source of damage for Slayers. Each will offer a certain advantage in combat and can be learned from various trainers spread across the map. Currently, there are just four Breathing Styles you can learn; Insect, Thunder, Water and Wind.

Blood Demon Art (BDA) on the other hand is how Demons deal most of their damage in Project Slayers. Essentially, they are specialized supernatural abilities that can be obtained and developed after devouring a human. Currently, there are just four BDAs as well; Arrow, Blood Burst, Reaper, and Temari.

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Without further ado, here’s out Project Slayers tier list ranking all of the best Breathing Styles and Blood Demon Art (BDA) in the game. Including a short description of their advantages in combat.

S Tier

  • Blood Explosion Art (BDA) – An aggressive BDA used to overwhelm your enemy with relentless slashes and demolitions.
  • Wind Breathing Style (Breathing) – A dangerous breathing style that’s best for mobility and long-range assaults.

A Tier

  • Tamali Ball Art (BDA) – An aim-reliant yet effective BDA that’s perfect for block breaking.
  • Thunder Breathing Style (Breathing) – Highly effective breathing style that allows for speedy assaults.

B Tier

  • Reaper Art (BDA) – A speed-reliant BDA that’s ideal for chasing your opponents and dodging their assaults.
  • Water Breathing Style (Breathing) – A robust breathing style that strikes a balance between offense and defense.

C Tier

  • Arrow Art (BDA) – An aim-based BDA that offers visible results but lacks the harm potential compared to other blood demon art.
  • Insect Breathing Style (Breathing) – A fairly strong breathing style that relies on fast-thrusting assaults.

That concludes our tier list ranking all of the best breathing styles and BDA in Project Slayers. Before you go, be sure to check out some of our other Project Slayers content here at Gamer Journalist. Like how to get Insect Breathing in Project Slayers or how to get a fishing rod in Project Slayers.

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