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What is The Max Breathing Level in Project Slayers

Wanna Max your breathing level in Project Slayers?
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Want to know how to get max breathing level in Project Slayers? First off, what it’s for. You unlock elemental breathing styles in the game. The better you do, the stronger the elemental spell ends up being. But, you need breath to wield them. Get it? So knowing max breath and knowing how to get there is very necessary if you want to pull this off. Don’t worry, we lay it all out for you.

But first off, what is the max breathing level you can get?

Max Breathing Level in Project Slayers (and How To Get There Quickly)

To get right to the point, max breathing level is 115. But how you get there is a little more complex.

You start off with very weak lungs, max breath at 75. From here on you need to visit gourd shops in butterfly mansions. You purchase gourds that improve concentration. Improved concentration means improved breathing level, eventually.

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In order to improve your breathing technique, you must purchase 7 small, 7 medium, and 3 large gourds, in that order. Remember that, the order is essential!

At this point, your breathing should increase to strong lungs with max breath up to 95. Almost there!

To reach the final level of breathing technique, you must purchase 10 large gourds, which will cost you 7,000 Wen. Once you purchase the last gourd, your breathing will become Total Concentration Breathing. Guess what……

You Did It!

This increases your breathing level to the aforementioned 115.

At this point, you will auto regenerate breath, too. Auto regenerating breath is priceless in this game. And follow this handy guide to get there yourself in no time.

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