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How to get more bee slots in Bee Swarm Simulator

The more the merrier!
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Bee Swarm Simulator is all about growing your bee empire. Walking around with a huge swarm of bees allows you to collect pollen extremely quickly. It’s also super satisfying seeing all of your bees at work. But you’ll soon notice that you are capped at 25 bees. If you want even more, you’ll have to get more bee slots. Here’s how to get more bee slots in Bee Swarm Simulator.

How to unlock more bee slots in Bee Swarm Simulator

Bee Swarm Simulator is a dream come true for many bee fans. But advanced players will soon realise that 25 bees simply aren’t enough. Each bee takes up one hive slot, so if you want more bees, you’ll need to increase the amount of hive slots you have in your hive. It will be an expensive endeavour, however.

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To unlock more hive slots, make your way up to the Mountain Top shop that’s run by Top Bear. The Mountain Top Shop, otherwise known as Top Shop, sells numerous high-end items for players to buy with honey. One such item are hive slots. You will need to buy each hive slot one after the other to unlock a hive slot for more bees.

The first hive slot costs 3,000,000 honey, and they get more expensive sub-exponentially. 25 hive slots can be bought, for you to have a maximum of 50 hive slots. Now that’s a lot of bees. With the final hive slot costing 2,169,203,229,760 honey, you’ll have a long way to go to max out your hive. With each hive slot bought, one more bee can be added to your swarm.

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