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How to get all Guilty Gear Strive Secret Achievements

Strive for these Secret Achievements.
Guilty Gear Strive
Image via Arc System Works

Guilty Gear Strive is a challenging, fast-paced fighting game that rewards those who put in the effort to master characters’ skills. These rewards include secret achievements meant to acknowledge a player’s success in playing the game.

Below is a list of the secret achievements players can acquire in Guilty Gear Strive, as well as quick instructions on how to get them.

All Secret Achievements in Guilty Gear Strive

Guilty Gear Strive Ky Kiske Sol Badguy
Image via Arc System Works

It’s worth noting that some achievements can only be won while playing certain game modes. For example, playing in Arcade mode lets you win some achievements you cannot win in Survival, and vice-versa. It’s perfect for those who want to get 100% completion.

Secret Achievements in ARCADE mode

AchievementHow to get
Armor-Clad FaithBe challenged to a battle by a rival character.
Heart is BlazingDefeat an opponent with co-op.
Messiah Will Not ComeDefeat the powerful boss at the end.

Secret Achievements in SURVIVAL mode

AchievementHow to get
Play the Hero till I DieDefeat the mysterious challenger even for only one round.

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Secret Achievements in MISSION mode

AchievementHow to get
Gaze of the StrongComplete three combo missions.
At the End of the StruggleComplete three character match-up missions.

Secret Achievements in ONLINE MATCH mode

AchievementHow to get
Gateway to the TowerFight a match in the Rank Tower.
To the World OutsideHave a match in the Open Park.
The Room where Demons DwellComplete the Network Mode Tutorial.

Secret Achievements in any mode

AchievementHow to get
Day 1 Bounty HunterLet one character reach level 30.
Around the WorldBattle in 10 different stages.
Extinct SpeciesSpend 100,000W$.

Secret Achievements in any mode excluding Tutorial Mode

AchievementHow to get
I’m Overflowing with PowerGet into the Positive Bonus state without performing a Wall Break in a match.
Give It My AllWin against an opponent with less than 30% of health.
No Return, High RiskGet into the Afro state while in a match to get this achievement.
Behold the Power of My LightningDefeat an opponent in the Dragon Install state while in a match.
Triple CrossPlay matches using three different characters.

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