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How Long is the Guilty Gear Strive Story

How Long is the Guilty Gear Strive Story

As much as I love Guilty Gear as a series, I think we can all agree that the storylines often border on incomprehensible. There is a lot of lore from game to game, not to mention a lot of pseudoscientific terminology to remember. If you can process all that information without getting crushed, though, these stories are generally enjoyable to experience. On that subject, just how long is the Guilty Gear Strive story?

Much like Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign and Revelator, Guilty Gear Strive’s story mode doesn’t incorporate any gameplay at all. It’s basically just a movie, though perhaps a Netflix series would be a more apt comparison; you put it on, you make some popcorn, and you binge watch it. The story is made up of multiple chapters, and you can set the game to give you save breaks between each chapter if you don’t wanna watch the whole thing in one go. But that begs the question, just how long is this story?

How Long is the Guilty Gear Strive Story?

Guilty Gear Strive’s story is made up of 9 chapters. Most of these chapters are around 30 minutes long, though near the end of the story, they can get as long as 45 minutes. Altogether, including all 9 chapters and the full credits roll, the entire story takes about four and a half hours to watch in its entirety. 

Bear in mind, the story mode doesn’t particularly care if you’ve experienced the stories of the other Guilty Gear games, so some character references and terminology may go over your head. Luckily, if you’re ever confused, you can pause the story at any time to consult the game’s glossary, character correlation chart, and timeline of events. Heck, even if you do remember all of that stuff, it’s a pretty nifty read.

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