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How to Get a Million Followers in BitLife

How to Get a Million Followers in BitLife

I think everyone in my generation has made at least one concentrated effort to become internet famous. My friends and I tried to launch a comedy skit channel on YouTube when we were in middle school, but that was dead on arrival. But some people have the right kind of gumption, the right kind of talent, to really take their personal brand to the stars. If you’d like to know what it feels like to be that kind of superstar, you can make it happen in BitLife. Here’s how to get a million followers in BitLife.

How to Get a Million Followers in BitLife

To get a million followers in BitLife, follow these steps:

  1. Create Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube accounts
  2. Age up to 18 years old
  3. Get a job that can make you famous
  4. Work hard every year until you become famous
  5. Age up and watch your followers accumulate

There are a few different ways to go about getting a million followers on your social media accounts in BitLife. You can be a content creator or become famous. Becoming famous is much simpler because the followers will pile up year after year.

Becoming famous

To become famous and get followers that way, start by aging up to 18 years old. As soon as you are 18, look for a job that can eventually get you famous. Some good options are background vocalist, voiceover actor, or porn actor.

Work hard at your job every year, and you should eventually become famous in a few years of hard work and dedication. At that point, continue posting to your social media accounts. Every time you age up, you should see a big uptick in followers.

We have guides on how to become a movie star and famous writer that you could check out if you need some more help. You can also opt to become a content creator and go that route. It’s much more tedious, but it’s still a good way to hit your follower goal.

Becoming a content creator

The first step is to pick a social media platform and stick to it like ants on a log. You’ve got five possible choices: TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram. Technically speaking, you can shoot for the million on any platform, but based on public opinion, it may be a little easier to try on YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram, since that’s where trends pick up the most traction. The battle for followers, after all, is a battle of trends.

The key to being a content creator on a social platform is to maintain a steady flow of unique content. You gotta make a lot of different posts, and they all have to be different. If you just post the same thing over and over 20 times, nobody’s going to give you the time of day. Maintaining a diverse cycle of content will increase your chances of going viral, which in turn will give your followers a shot in the arm.

The big follower boosts will come when you Age Up, though it’s important to keep up that consistency. If, for example, you make 50 posts one year and maybe… two the second, your followers are gonna drop right off. You should also refrain from disruptive actions like trolling other users or buying followers.

The former will make you look like a massive schmuck, while the latter is completely unsustainable (and also makes you look like a massive schmuck). Just play it slow and steady, and soon enough, you’ll be rolling in followers. It helps that you’ll probably become a trend yourself well before hitting a million, so that’ll also bring in a bucketload of followers for you.

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