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How to get a map in Satisfactory

When first starting to play Satisfactory it might seem odd that there is no world map available to you. With a game map so large and diverse you would think players would have access to an in-game map. Well, players do have access to one but they have to research it. Here is how to get a map in Satisfactory.

Why use a map in Satisfactory?

It may not seem like it on your first playthrough but the Satisfactory map is huge. The world is 5.4 kilometers x 5.4 kilometers. Depending on the type of transportation you would be using in the game it could take you up to 30 minutes to cross the world from one end to the other.

Once you start expanding out of your initial base and searching for the later tier resources a map will be very beneficial in keeping track of where you are and were your secondary bases are along with their resources.

How to get the map

The map can be unlocked via research into Quartz at the M.A.M (Molecular Analysis Machine).

The map will be the fifth item down the chain to unlock.

There are small nodes that you can gather around the map, as well as mineable deposits. You can put a standard miner on the deposits and start gathering the raw quartz necessary to start the research chain.

When you get down to the map you will then need 10 Crystal Oscillators and 10 Beacons to finish the research.

Once you have unlocked the map you can look at it by hitting “Z”. If you are playing with friends you will all share the same map. The map will include the standard fog that needs to be explored either by players or by building Radar Towers.

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