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How to Heal in Satisfactory

You might find yourself losing some precious health points in Satisfactory. Whether it be from getting attacked by aliens or taking some fall damage thanks to a misplaced jump pad, it will inevitably happen at some point. Knowing how to heal in Satisfactory will make it so you never have to worry about dying unless you venture into the wrong cave without a weapon.

How to Heal in Satisfactory

There are currently four different ways to heal in Satisfactory. First off, you already know you can go around and harvest things like wood and resource nodes, but there are berry bushes with fruit on them as well. The two pieces of fruit you can eat to restore health are the Beryl Nut and Paleberry. You can find these on different bushes scattered around the planet. Beryl Nuts grant you 6 HP per nut, and a Paleberry gives 10 HP.

You can also find Bacon Agaric, which is a type of mushroom in Satisfactory. Finding and eating one of these will restore 20 HP. All you need to do is equip any of these fruits to your hand slot, and then use them to eat and heal. Finding your first Bacon Agaric will unlock the Nutrients research tree over at the M.A.M. building. 

The final and most potent way to heal yourself is by making a Medicinal Inhaler. There are a few different recipes you can use to craft one of these, all of which we will list here. First off is the basic Medicinal Inhaler recipe, which requires:

  • 1 Bacon Agaric
  • 3 Paleberry
  • 7 Beryl Nut

You can also create a Medicinal Inhaler from Alien Organs, which will require:

  • 3 Alien Organs
  • 5 Mycelia

The Mycelia is a type of mushroom crafting material that can be found inside caves and harvested by hand. More giant mushrooms may need you to equip a chainsaw to chop them down. Alien Organs are a biomass item that you get from corpses of Spitters and Stingers. 

As of right now, these are the only ways to heal in Satisfactory. The game is still in Early Access right now, so things are subject to change. We will keep this post up to date if anything does end up changing.

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