Major Vehicle Changes Coming to Satisfactory Update 5

Satisfactory Update 5

Update 5 will be the next major update for Satisfactory, and it’s shaping up to be a great one. Coffee Stain Studios has started releasing details around the update, and one of the significant changes will be the vehicle automation system. Let’s take a look at the major vehicle changes coming to Satisfactory Update 5.

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Since the release of Satisfactory, the vehicle system has left much to be desired. It often felt clunky, and the vehicle paths would frequently break. The system also didn’t scale very well, so most players would almost immediately abandon the vehicle system and move on to trains as soon as possible. It’s not the greatest game design when players ignore a significant part of your game, so the developers are working on revamping it. Here are some of the upcoming changes to the vehicle system.

Satisfactory Update 5 Vehicle Changes

Update 5 will see changes in two major areas: the truck station, and the automation system. Let’s dive into them in more detail.

Truck Station Changes

The truck station is a pivotal part of the vehicle supply lines, so of course, it’s a good place to make some updates. Coffee Stain will be making some nice truck station changes for Update 5. 

Double Input and Output Capacity

The truck station will now take two input and two output belts instead of just one, doubling its capacity. This will make it a much more viable option for different parts of your factory flow.

Fuel Distribution

Trucks refueling at the truck station will now be given exactly enough fuel for them to complete their routes. This will ensure that one truck doesn’t hog the majority of the fuel at the station. 

UI Updates

The truck station UI will get a big update. We will now see the fuel used per minute for all of our vehicles. You will know precisely how much fuel is needed to supply the truck station and keep your routes running. The UI will also show the average amount of items loaded and unloaded.

Route Snapping

In Update 5, you will be able to snap new truck stations to existing vehicle paths. This change is a major time saver and will allow you to scale your vehicle lines much more efficiently. 

Model Redesign

Due to some of the other changes, specifically the doubling of the input and output capacity, the truck station will get a brand new model.

Automation System Changes

The automation system will receive the bulk of the vehicle changes in Update 5. It needed these updates desperately, and these changes will hopefully have players using vehicles again. Let’s take a look at the details. 

Revamped Waypoints

The waypoint system is getting a bit of an overhaul in Update 5. Previously, waypoints were set as part of the vehicle path. How the vehicle got from one waypoint to another was basically a toss-up. Coffee Stain will be adding a “spline” system, which is simply a line path connecting two waypoints. This will give vehicles a much more reliable and predictable path to follow. 

Collision Response

A collision response mechanic will be added to vehicles to help them get around obstacles. If a vehicle bumps into an obstacle, it will now back up and attempt to move around it. If it cannot find a path around and continues to collide with obstacles, the vehicle will clip or “ghost” through the object and return to its path. The same mechanic will apply if a vehicle falls off of a cliff.

Closed Loop Paths

When creating a path, you will have to force it into a closed-loop before finishing your recording. This is done by driving back over your starting node when you are done with the path.

Save, and Load Recorded Paths

Possibly the most significant change for Vehicles in Update 5 is the ability to save and load prerecorded paths. After recording a path, you will now be able to save it and load it on a different vehicle. The vehicle has to be of the same type, however. So you cannot load a path created on a truck to an explorer. This should greatly increase your ability to scale the vehicle system into the late game. 

Bonus Changes

A bonus change for vehicles in Satisfactory Update 5 is a fix for the vehicle animations at a distance. Currently, when a vehicle goes far into the distance, its animation stops working and looks like it’s glitching from place to place. This is because once the vehicle gets a certain distance from the player, its physics are disabled to save on resources. The developers have fixed this issue using the new “spline” system. Now vehicles will continue the proper driving animation at any distance. It’s a small change but aesthetically pleasing non the less. 

Those are all the vehicle changes for Satisfactory Update 5 at the moment. As Update 5 gets closer to release, we will surely get more updates so check back often. 

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