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Satisfactory Power Slugs: recipes, uses, and how to find them

What are Power Slugs in Satisfactory?

You may have seen these glowing little slug-like things while exploring the world in Satisfactory. Well, these are collectibles known as Power Slugs. In this guide, we’ll explain what Power Slugs are in Satisfactory and where to find them.

What are Power Slugs in Satisfactory?

Power Slugs are collectible items that you can find throughout the world. They normally spawn on top of rock formations, but they do not have a set spawn location from what we know. They come in a variety of different colors, including green, purple, and yellow. 

Power Slugs are a crafting material for another item called Power Shards. The color of the Power Slug determines how many Power Shards can be created.

  • Green Slug – 1 Power Shard
  • Yellow Slug – 2 Power Shards
  • Purple Slug – 5 Power Shards

How to find Power Slugs in Satisfactory

Finding Power Slugs unlocks the Power Slugs Research tree at the M.A.M. building. You can scan for Power Slugs through the Object Scanner, though they are glowing so you can easily spot them out in the wild. You can also find them with tamed Lizard Doggos.

How many power slugs are there in Satisfactory?

There are 406 Green Power Slugs, 219 Yellow Power Slugs, and 119 Purple Power Slugs throughout the world. You can craft a total of 1431 Power Shards from these.

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