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How to gamble at the Blacksmith in Minecraft Dungeons

There are two primary ways to get good loot in Minecraft Dungeons. The first way is the traditional method of grinding dungeons and killing mobs and bosses while completing missions. You can also get good loot from the Blacksmith in Camp. There are some tips and tricks for how to gamble at the Blacksmith in Minecraft Dungeons to maximize the power level of the gear you get.

Blacksmith Gambling in Minecraft Dungeons

The Blacksmith is an NPC in the starting zone, or the Camp, of Minecraft Dungeons. You can exchange some Emeralds for a randomized item. There is no guarantee as to what item you can get, and it could be a common, rare, or even unique item. The gear you get is based on your power level.

You want to equip your highest power level gear before you gamble. Doing this ensures the items you get from the Blacksmith will be the highest possible power level for your character. Always keep some high-level items in your inventory for this purpose.

Before you gamble, get your power level as high as possible for the best rewards. As far as we know, the Blacksmith can drop any item in the game. Check out our complete unique item list to figure out what items you want for your character. 

Other Unique Items Farming Methods

If you go to the Mission Select area in Camp, you can browse through all of the available levels. On the bottom left-hand side of the level, you can see something that says Gear Drops. If you are looking for specific unique items, you want to make sure you run dungeons in an area that drops that particular item. Every common piece of loot has a unique counterpart, so if you see an item listed under gear drops, there is a chance for the unique to drop as well.

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