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How to Fix Failed to Load Save Data Error in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot?

The error that has troubled many players should soon come to an end.
How to Fix Failed to Load Save Data Error in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot
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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is in many players’ sights because it’s one of the most interesting Dragon Ball games released so far. However, it’s been out for a while now, and with the coming updates, it encountered some problems.

It seems the transition of the game from Xbox One to Xbox X/S consoles wasn’t as smooth as everyone expected. A lot of console players were getting the “Failed to load save data” error and this is why we decided to dive in and explain to you what to do when you encounter this issue.

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Fixing Failed to Load Save Data Error in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

If you are encountering the “Failed to Load Save Data” error when you are trying to load your saved game files from your Xbox One to your Xbox X/S you are not alone. Thousands of other players have experienced the same but thankfully the error should be fixed soon.

Developers of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot said that they are on the issue and they will send out a solution update soon. What you need to do when this update shows up is go to the store and find a new and separate download of the Xbox One version of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot game data. When you download that new update you will upgrade your old saved data from Xbox One to your new Xbox Series X/S.

Following the completed process from above, you will also see that Season 2 Pass and “Bardock – Alone against fate” are available for purchase on your Xbox.

We hope that this error won’t live much longer on the consoles and that we will all be able to play through the Dragon Ball Z story without interruptions.

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