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How to finish the maze in Royale High – Full Guide

Get us out of this maze!
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Mazes are probably the most frustrating part of any video game. We’ve witnessed some relatively easy mazes in games, but on Roblox, it’s another story.

In Royale High, during the Halloween event, you can take part in completing an enormous maze. If you aren’t a patient person, this maze is not for you… but that’s the point, because the reward at the end of the maze is worth it. If you’re stuck on the maze, here’s how you can complete it in Royale High.

Steps to Finish the Maze in Royale High

If you want to complete the maze in Royale High, you should follow all the steps below carefully. This maze has tons of caves that you can get lost in, and you wind up at the beginning of the cave if you’re struck by an enemy. In this cave, you can find treasure chests that are scattered, but the main objective is to find the big reward at the end.

Here is all you need to do:

  • Start at Wickery Cliffs and head to Mt. Blackwood Caverns on the right side of the houses;
  • Go left through the cave opening and keep going straight;
  • There’s a small pumpkin on the left side;
  • Go left until you’ve reached a red candle and purple crystal;
  • Keep heading this way until you’ve reached a blue crystal with green walls;
  • Walk past the crystals and climb up the green crystals;
  • Make your way down the hole located on your left;
  • Look for the pumpkin at the bottom of the hole;
  • Locate purple candles and watch out for ghosts!
  • You’ll eventually find spiderwebs, so try to head for the right side;
  • Climb up the spiderwebs and go to the right;
  • Go down a hallway until you’ve reached a giant pumpkin with a hole;
  • Jump over the hole and go down a level to find purple candles;
  • Head for the orange glowing room and go left;
  • Complete the maze and get 2,000 candy, Steampunk, & Aerotechnic wings.

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Tips to Navigate Maze in Roblox Royale High

There are a few tips you can use in order to navigate through the maze in Royale High. This maze may seem overwhelming at first, but if you follow these tips, it should help you out a bit.

You can actually cheat your way halfway through the maze by using the flying ability. First, purchase the flight game pass and make it 100%. Next, start at the beginning of the bridge and try to fly towards the top, inside the cave entrance. There will be a hole if you can’t find it.

Another tip you can use in order to get through the maze is to try to avoid the ghosts running around the caves. If you get hit, you will be teleported to the beginning. You can sprint ahead of them and this will prevent them from catching up to you.

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