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How to Find the Secret Lab in Seamus’ Apartment in Stray

Where's the doc going at night?
Image Via Blue Twelve Studio

Stray has many different puzzles and secrets to uncover. The game is an action adventure focused on reuniting a cat with his family in a cyberpunk world. But one of the major objectives is trying to reach the outside world. There’s plenty to do in terms of missions, side quests, and collectibles you need to finish. One of the quests is finding a secret lab hidden in Seamus’s apartment. Fortunately, we have you covered. Here’s how to find the secret lab in Seamus’ apartment in Stray.

Where is the Secret Lab in Seamus’ Apartment?

In order to start this quest you need to first meet Momo at the bar where you’ll be prompted to start a conversation. Momo wants to journey into the sewers in an attempt to reach his old colleagues and to reach the outside world. During the conversation, Seamus will interrupt before heading home. Seamus’ father the Doc went missing in the sewers (creepy!). Momo and you will journey to Seamus’ apartment. Momo will give you the Doctor’s notebook to show Seamus. Seamus first is angered by this, but is curious about the notebook. The notebook reveals there is a secret lab in the apartment. To find the lab, you need to.

  1. Knock over a picture to unlock a digicoder.
  2. Pay attention to the four clocks. This will unlock a code that will reveal a tracker once you’ve figured it out. In case you haven’t figured out the code it is: 2511.
Image via BlueTwelve Studios

Head inside the lab with Seamus. There you will find a tracker which brings you one step closer to heading to the sewers to search for the Doc. Unfortunately, the tracker is broken. To fix it, you will need to convince Elliot Program to help you. Stray is available for PC, PS4, and PS5.

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