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All Notebook Locations in Stray

Quick! Write that down.

Stray features a cat wandering through a variety of cyberpunk environments. But one of the first real stops, the game makes is in the Slums. Here you are introduced to a group of eccentric robots and also the game’s central quest of trying to escape the underground city for the outside world. After meeting Momo, the robot tasks you with locating four notebooks that may hold the key to reaching the world above. Struggling to locate the books? Here’s where all the notebook locations are in Stray.

All Notebook Locations in Stray

Finding the notebooks is the next major quest you need to complete before leaving the Slums. Fortunately, the game helps you out right off the bat by giving you one of the notebooks. Moma gives you his notebook, but you still have to track down: Clementine’s, Doc’s, and Zbaltazar’s. The game tells you to locate buildings with the symbol of “the Outsiders.” But here’s a step by step guide on how to find each.

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How to Find Clementine’s Notebook

Clementine’s notebook may be the easiest of the three to spot since their apartment is directly across from Momo’s.

  1. Journey across the rooftops until you get to Clementine’s open window.
  2. Jump inside. For story reasons, no one is home.
  3. Head to the back of the room, take a left at the hallway and then a right.
  4. The notebook is on the computer monitor.
  5. While you’re there, feel free to grab a music sheet located near the foot of the bed.
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How to Find Zbaltazar’s Notebook

Zbaltazar’s notebook will have you scale the tallest building in the game. The building is located directly left of Momo’s if you’re leaving his apartment, above where the musician plays.

  1. To enter the building, you need to journey to the roof.
  2. There you will notice a fan blocking your entrance.
  3. Remove the battery to the fan and it will slow enough for you to jump in.
  4. Once inside of Zbaltazar’s apartment, knock over the tower of boxes to the left.
  5. Their notebook will fall to the floor among the clutter.

How to Find the Doc’s Notebook

Finally, to find the Doc’s notebook you need to head to the Library. The Library is located to the right of Momo’s when exiting. It is behind the roof top couch and TV.

  1. Jump in through the open window.
  2. Once inside, you will find a lot of books. Head directly to the back of the room.
  3. Go into the room on the farthest right and you will find a note.
  4. Read the note and you will get keys to a safe in the library.
  5. The safe is hidden behind a tower of books in the middle hallway of the library.
  6. Jump on the books to reveal the safe.
  7. Use the keys and claim your notebook.

That’s all of the steps that you need to complete the quest. Return to Momo and it’s time to leave the Slums for the first time. Keep in mind the next section is fraught with danger so be safe out there. Check out some of our other Stray guides for more info.

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