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All Music Sheet Locations in the Slums in Stray

Music man won't you take me by the hand!

Stray may be about the adventures of about a stray cat journeying through a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk future. But the game isn’t afraid to have a little rhythm and soul as well. During your visit to The Slums, you’ll come across a musician named Morusque. Sadly, he is a musician without any music to play. Fortunately, you can help turn his bad luck around and bring him a song to play. Here are all the music sheet locations in Stray.

All Music Sheet Locations in the Slums in Stray

There are a total of eight music sheets to find in Stray. Fortunately, you don’t have to go far. All of the music sheets are located in Stray’s Slums district. You will visit this area three times during the game, but the music sheets can be found immediately.

  • A sheet of music can be found at a safe near Morusque. The safe is in an alleyway on the far side near the giant closed sewer door. Unfortunately, you need a code in order to open the safe. The code can be found at the bar. You have to knock off the painting to the left side of the bar. The code is: 1283
  • While at the bar, go ahead and grab another music sheet that is located upstairs.
  • From there, jump out of the bar’s upper window and go down the alleyway. You’ll come across a closed door to Elliot’s hideout. Scratch at the door and it will open, allowing you inside. A music sheet is found straight ahead.
  • As part of the quest to find all the notebooks, you will journey to Clementine’s apartment opposite Momo’s. In addition to the notebook, you will also find a music sheet there near the bed.
  • Near Clementine’s apartment is a balcony. A music sheet is sitting on the table ready for you to grab.
  • Likewise, your quest for notebooks will take you to the library where you can find a music sheet located among the books near the piano.
  • To get the music sheet from Barterman at the Market, you will need one energy drink. Fortunately, you can find an energy drink near Morusque.
  • Finally, the last piece of music is in Momo’s apartment. You can find it in the cubby at the top of the shelf.

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For turning in all of sheet music, you’ll get a Music Badge (one of five optional badges you can collect in the game). In addition, you will also be treated to a cool performance for each music sheet you turn in. So sit down, relax and enjoy some tunes.

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