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How to Fix the Tracker in Stray

We can fix it!!

Stray may feature a cat as its main character, but you will spend most of the time figuring out how its various fetch quests fit together. If you made it this far in the game, then you found the secret lab in Seamus’ apartment. You have a broken tracker in your possession. But how do you fix it?

How to Fix the Tracker in Stray

Fortunately, the Slums has a residential robot who can fix just about anything. Track down Elliot Program who lives near the bar area. To get in the building, scratch at the door and a robot will let you in. Head upstairs where Elliot is, but the robot refuses to fix the tracker. First, you’re going to have to do something else.

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  1. Leave Elliot’s apartment and return to the street.
  2. Go to the laundry mat where a couple of robots are tossing paint cans on the roof.
  3. The laundry mat owner will refuse to let you in so you’ll need a distraction.
  4. Head to the roof and cause one of the robot’s to drop a paint can in the street.
  5. The laundry mat owner will open the door allowing you to swipe Super Detergent.
  6. Head to the Market and talk with Barterman.
  7. He will sell you electric cable for the Super Detergent.
  8. With the Electric Cable, go to Grandma who will make you a poncho. She is located at the end of the alley way where two robots are sitting on the ground.
  9. Give the poncho to Elliott and he will change his tune, fixing the broken tracker.

Now that you have the tracker fixed, you can go meet Seamus and continue on your way to the Sewer. Good luck out there!

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