How to find Snapthorn Whip in Terraria Journey’s End

How to find Snapthorn Whip in Terraria Journey's End

Hundreds of new craftable items have made their way into Terraria in the latest and final update, Journey’s End. In this guide, we’re going to be taking a look at one of the new whips in the game. Read on if you want to learn where and how to find the Snapthorn Whip in Terraria Journey’s End.

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How to find Snapthorn Whip in Terraria Journey’s End

  • How to get: Crafted
  • Materials
    • Stinger x12
    • Vine x3
    • Jungle Spores x3

The Snapthorn Whip is a new item in Journey’s End that can be crafted with items found in the Underground Jungle. You can get stingers from Spiked Slimes and Bees (Wasps, Hornets) in the Underground Jungle. The spores can be found just about anywhere in that biome, and Vines can be found from Man Eaters.

Snapthorn Whip

  • 18 Summon Damage
  • Extremely Weak Knockback
  • 6 Summon Tag Damage
  • Your summons focus struck enemies
  • Strike enemies to gain speed

The Snapthorn works like all of the other whips in Terraria. As you hit enemies, the whip gains attack speed. Overall, it’s a good item for the point in the game you can craft it. You can find it rather early on, with just a few items you pick up from the Underground Jungle biome.

If you want to see how it compares against other similar items, check out our Terraria Journey’s End Whip Guide.

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