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How to Find Sentinel Pillars in No Man’s Sky (NMS)

They slip away across the universe.
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The amount of content included in No Man’s Sky can feel a bit overwhelming at first. But once you submerge in the universe presented by our fellow friends of Hello Games, you begin to understand that every single subplot and side mission bring more than they take away. One of the interesting things about this game, is the amount of lore that can be found across the universe. And well, one of the lore sources are the Sentinel Pillars. Not only that, they will help you progress further into the story and bring certain items that can help you do that. So, if you want to discover them, continue reading to know how to find Sentinel Pillars in No Man’s Sky.

How to Find Sentinel Pillars

Sentinel Pillars are located across the universe of No Man’s Sky, and they are usually heavily guarded by, you guessed it, Sentinel forces. If locating them is your cup of tea, you will receive new stories, weapons, and lore. Fortunately for you, there are several ways you can encounter them, so take a look at the several methods below for you to know how to find Sentinel Pillars in No Man’s Sky.

  • Defeat all sentinels during a Wanted Level 5. You will unveil a Sentinel location once you get rid of them.
  • When destroying sentinels, there is a chance for them to drop Salvaged Glass. If you consume them, you can get a Sentinel Boundary Map, which will unveil the location of a pillar.
  • You can find them at Salvage Containers.
  • Finally, if you keep exploring the universe, there is a chance, albeit ver low, to find a Sentinel Pillar in the wild.

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After locating each Sentinel Pillar, you will be able to choose from three option. You can access one of the 23 available logs, shutdown all the Sentinel forces in the plant, or extract weapons technology. This last one will present you with a multitool that you can either purchase or replace with your current one. Well, there are a lot of possibilities for you, so you better find those Sentinel Pillars asap.

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