How To Get NMS S Class Freighter
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How To Get NMS S Class Freighter

We’ve found the easiest way to obtain an S class freighter in NMS
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As an open-world space survival game, the goal in No Man’s Sky is to explore and survive the depths of the universe. However, with the universe being so vast and dangerous, you’ll need a ship that can handle these lengthy space expeditions. And while there are a number of different types of spacecrafts available in the game, freighters are easily one of the best ways to travel in No Man’s Sky.

In this guide, we’re going to break down how to get an S-class freighter in No Man’s Sky.

How To Get NMS S Class Freighter

A freighter is a colossal interstellar spaceship available in No Man’s Sky. Due to it’s sheer size, it’s basically a cross between a traditional ship and a space station. They are so highly sought after because they can warp to other solar systems and be summoned to the orbit of a planet where the player is currently located. They also offer loads of storage on-board, more so than any other spacecraft.

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That being said, S-class freighters are also incredibly rare to find and expensive to purchase. In fact, even the smallest S-class freighters cost around 5 to 10 million units. While the larger ones are more than 150 million units.

Taking this into account, you should prepare to have at least 150 million units ready to spend before you begin the process of acquiring an S-class freighter.

Here’s how you can get an S class freighter in No Man’s Sky:

  1. Install an Economy Scanner on your ship and head to a solar system with a wealthy race.
  2. Travel to the system and go to the Space Station.
  3. Get out of your ship, and then re-enter to create an auto-save point.
  4. Clear out the pirates in the area and go to the freighter.
  5. Wait for the blue light to appear on the deck of the freighter, then enter and scan to see if it’s an S-class.

No Man’s Sky is constantly changing the class of these Freighters. So, if you notice that it’s not an S-class freighter once you’re inside the ship, simply head back to step three (from your auto-save point) and try again. By repeating this process, you will snag an S-class freighter at some point.

Once you’ve verified that it is an S-class freighter, you can head up through the steps and speak with the Captain of the ship. Who will be located on the Bridge area on board. When you interact with the Captain, a window will pop up with the option to purchase the freighter.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get an S-class freighter in No Man’s Sky. Before you go, be sure to check out some of our other No Man’s Sky content here at Gamer Journalist. Like how to start Beachhead in No Man’s Sky or how to tame the Flying Fart Fish in No Man’s Sky.

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